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Enjoy the delicious taste of your coffee milled using your new manual grinder KATEVIC!



The Katevic manual coffee grinder stainless steel is made for the true connoisseurs and coffee lovers. You can forget about troubles with coffee- making with this new excellent coffee mill.

So why should you get the KATEVIC Manual coffee mill in particular?

Let us count the reasons why:
1. Light, Strong Stainless Steel Body which increases its durability.
2. Very space- saving in the kitchen and convenient for travelling or camping.
3. Extra wide teeth produces perfect string cuts
4. The handle holds securely and protects fingers is included
5. Torque enhance handle: Save energy & Smooth operated.
6. Adjustable grind size from fine to coarse
7. This grinder was specifically designed so that it could fit into an AEROPRESS
8. The ceramic, conical burrs are easy to clean with an additional brush
9. The Katevic manuel coffee mill is 9 times more quiet than an electrical coffee mill.
10. Suitable for milling coffee, mustard seed and other small sized spices.
11. Eco-friendly, non-toxic.
12. Easy to control the grinding process through the window
13. The Katevic coffee mill is an great present idea for all coffee lovers

Of course it's not all the benefits that you get purchasing the KATEVIC Manual coffee grinder


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Plus, if you order now you'll receive the following three bonuses valued at $30: Coffee Scoop with Bag сlip, Brush for cleaning, a Сarrying bag, E-book & APPS.
for coffee lovers,

WORRY FREE SHOPPING! We offer LIFE time WARRANTY. If there is an issue with your product for any reason we will SEND YOU A NEW ONE (You do not even have to return the product!)!

KATEVIC Company #1 priority is to make sure our customers are completely happy with us.

So do not miss this unique offer and purchase the KATEVIC coffee mill clicking the

$ 19.99



The Team

Meet Our great People

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Fantastic, sleek alternative to electric grinder

Fantastic, sleek alternative to electric grinder

I ordered this coffee grinder because my toddler HATES the sound of our electric coffee bean grinder and sometimes I want to make coffee before he wakes up! I have to say I'm very pleased. The action of the handle is very easy, and it doesn't take long to grind up enough coffee for a pot (though I typically make my coffee by the cup in my bialetti). I love how little space it takes up in my coffee nook, and how nice it looks with the stainless steel. It comes with a coffee scoop that clips onto my coffee rack-- super convenient! The box says it can also be used for grinding spices, so I think I'll use this to make my own curry powder soon (the grinder also comes with a little brush for cleaning!) I'm really glad I got this; I use it much more often than I thought I would.

I really like it!

I really like it!

This grinder is an awesome kitchen gadget! It is easy to assemble, and although I wish instructions were included, it was simple enough to figure out. The grinding handle on top was easy to turn, their is a knot inside that you can turn either right or left for fine or course grounds. The nifty part about the grinder is that you can use it for more than just coffee beans! I also used it for peppercorn and sea salt and it worked awesome! It is easy to clean, and actually comes with a brush to help get out anything that may be stuck, but simply run it under some warm water thoroughly dry it out and presto you're done. It has a nice "velvet" storage bag to keep it safe in. Another awesome feature is the measuring spoon that is included. The measuring spoon has an alligator clip attached on it, which can be used to keep the coffee bag closed and fresh.

Great surprise

Great surprise

I have used manual coffee grinders in the past and I am surprised at how well this works. I love to blend in some dark and medium roast beans together for our morning coffee. First the product itself comes ready without any assembly required, the handle if easily attach/detachable slides right into hex-nut. This grinder looks very elegant all stainless steel. I was able to grind about 5 spoons of beans without any issue, adjusted the grind consistency to regular and was able to use in Keurig reusable K-cup too. This is air tight and I usually leave any leftover ground coffee in the bottom container and use it for later during the day. I was able to play with different brands and blends and experiment on a lot of flavors. Simple to use and very easy to clean. I will put this to test in the next couple of weeks and update my review if I come across any issues, but for now it seems to be a great product.

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